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Transform Your Parenting Struggles into Triumphs with ‘Discipline Without Harm’!
Correct behaviors with gentle discipline tools that work! For children 0-19

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✔️ 7 Chapters of my best tools to make gentle Discipline Work! 
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✔️ 2 Bonus Videos Classes to empower your tools


💡CHAPTER 1. Your Guide to Gentle Discipline: Discover why you're stuck and the roadmap for gentle discipline that corrects behavior without timeouts, spankings, or bribes. The adaptable blueprint for every parenting situation.

💡CHAPTER 2. Proactive Preventative Tools: Shift from being reactive to proactive. Learn how to nip behavioral issues before they spiral out of control.

💡CHAPTER 3. In-the-Moment Corrective Tools:  Arm yourself with real-time strategies that gently yet effectively redirect your child's behavior, enabling them to course-correct with respect and empathy.

💡CHAPTER 4. Consequences That Teach, Not Punish: Embrace a fresh approach to delivering consequences that fosters positive behavior and doesn’t damage the connection between you and your child.

💡CHAPTER 5. Common concerns about discipline: Leverage the same therapeutic tools I used during my 8-year career in therapeutic care. Learn to set boundaries even with children who instinctively push against them.

💡CHAPTER 6. Boundaries and Limits: Gain practical guidelines to create understandable, age-appropriate rules that respect your child's development stage.

💡 CHAPTER 7. Avoiding Communication Pitfalls: Learn the common traps many parents unwittingly fall into when setting limits and how to avoid them.

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Hello, Parents! I’m Marcela.

I am happy you want to start your parenting education journey with this game-changing Ebook.
If you don’t know who I am, I am Marcela Collier, founder, and CEO of HIC Parenting Education Agency. I am a certified parenting coach, positive discipline educator, and former therapeutic care provider.

I created the “Discipline Without Harm” E-Book as a roadmap for parents of children of any age, like you, who want to move away from damaging discipline practices and are looking for discipline solutions that correct behavior.

My mission is to provide you with all the tools and guidance you need to heal your reactivity, connect more with your children, and respond with what they need from you at any moment.

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BONUS #1 - When Children Ignore Us. What to Do.

Surpass the frustration of being IGNORED.

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Gain insights into the core reasons behind disconnection in a concise 20-minute video lesson. Arm yourself with pragmatic strategies to not only capture but sustain your child’s attention, turning moments of disregard into opportunities for reconnection and understanding. A solution to capture your child’s focus is right here!

BONUS #2 - How to Get Kids Moving During Daily Routine Transitions

goodbye to morning chaos and BEDTIME BATTLES.

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Unlock Hassle-Free Routines with Your Bonus Class! Navigate daily transitions smoothly with a 15-minute guide, turning potential frustrations into breezy switches. If quick tasks unexpectedly stretch, this life-saving bonus is your key to simplified, swift, and serene routines. Your path to effortless daily transitions is a click away!

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Total Value: $ 183.99

Get Everything today ForJust

 49.99 USD

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Where Do I See My E-Book And Video Classes?

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll receive an email with your login information for the members’ area. You’ll find everything there!

How Long Can I Access Members Area?

You have lifetime access to members' areas. Once you purchase any of our products, you get login information to the members’ area, where you’ll find all your products.

What Are The Ages?

The Discipline Without Harm E-Book is for parents of children of any age.

Do I Have To Pay A Monthly Fee To Access the Members’ Area?

No, you don’t. Once you purchase any of our products, you have free lifetime access to the members' area.

My child has special needs. Is this an e-book for me?

The Discipline Without Harm contains Marcela Collier's personal opinion and experience parenting her twins and parenting coaching experience helping hundreds of parents in her coaching sessions, many of them with neurodivergent children. 
This E-Book does not address any particular diagnosis and is not considered mental or behavioral health advice

Is There A Pdf Or Downloadable Version Of The E-Book?

No. For legal purposes, there is not.

How is Discipline Without Harm different from other ebooks in the market?

It’s the same as deciding to purchase a $7 drugstore lipstick 💄 vs a $35 Sephora lipstick 💄. They are both lipsticks but the quality and value is different.

This ebook contains Marcela’s coaching tools that have transformed the parenting of hundreds of her clients plus it’s not a downloadable. You access it in a members area that comes with a community of like minded parents supporting each other and it comes with 2 bonus classes by Marcela with her coaching clients.

Can you get out there a $16 downloadable ebook from a random author that just contains information and zero support from like minded readers or extra training from the author? Absolutely! but we are proud of the customer experience and value Discipline Without Harm Ebook is providing for our readers